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Secure WVU

The SecureWVU program helps West Virginia college students gain awareness about careers in the Government and Defense sector.

This program is geared toward individuals who desire to work for a federal agency or contractor that may require security clearance. The program will create a talent pool of exceptional students for government and industry partners.

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Mission and Vision

SecureWVU's mission is to provide students in West Virginia with the educational opportunity to understand security clearance requirements, and to provide networking experiences that connect them to government and industry partners, building them a reliable talent pipeline.

The program's vision is to create an informed student population with regards to acquiring and maintaining security clearance, allowing them to become prime candidates for entities or organizations that requires security credentials.



Keep you up to date with new career opportunities in the Government and Defense sector


Provide you with a baseline understanding of how to obtain a security clearance and its impact on your career


Equip you with related career development assistance, including resume reviews and interviews


Provide you with opportunities to meet potential employers from government and industry